Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I've been doing while MIA...

Well, after my last post, things kept happening...
The drain pipe for our tub burst leaving our kitchen and basement flooded.
In its wake, I ended up throwing out food and parts of the ceiling 
(and at times both in one mushy handful.)
Then I called my mom.
"At least everyone has their health."
Mom why did you have to jinx us.
W. got sick the very next day with a fever of 103.6

Well life goes on.

We've been...
Making honey wheat bagels.  
The recipe I used I decided was too sweet.  
Next time I won't use so much honey.
Maybe when I get the recipe perfected, I'll post on that.

Making popcorn.  A true comfort food.
All of our paper bags were destroyed in the flood, 
so I made in in a pot the old fashioned way.
I've always been afraid of this method ever since my cousins got really bad burns from hot oil while making popcorn this way many years ago.

Studying plants.  This is our lavender that we planted a few days ago in coconut coir.  
The onions are starting to poke their little leaves up as well.  We also started sweet potatoes, but we'll see what happens there...it is a big experiment for us this year to attempt those.

I am thankful that we have so many opportunities.  
That our pipe burst didn't destroy too much.  
That we did not truly have a flood such as many have to endure.
Things could be much worse.


  1. I love seeing your little lavender plants. Once again I am going to try and grow them here. They really don't like the hot summers here and always die on me. We eat popcorn every single day here. I make it homemade in the microwave so it's not expensive and I know exactly what we are eating.

  2. As they say, things come in 3's...so, that was the sixth thing. I think that you should be good for quite a while now :)

    Water is such a horrible thing to deal with. At least it wasn't summer...then you would have had to worry about mold.

    Your bagels and popcorn look yummy...some nice comfort food. Pretty soon spring will arrive and everything will be green once again!!

  3. Those bagels look very good. I could go for a bagel with too much honey :)

  4. Oh I know what you mean. Those are the times that really test ones sanity, right? Those bagels look mighy tasty though.


  5. Oh those sprouts are making me filled with envy.


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