Friday, February 25, 2011

February Mornings

February flies by with hardly a peep from the sister on her country homestead...what is she doing?  Well for one, I am not blogging.  This is obvious.  I am, however, still quite alive and well here in the real world.  Right now my real time world is made up of:

seed ordering and garden planning
meaning to call and get our sap buckets back from our friend who used them last year
staying on top of work
nursing sick children
having lots of fun with well children
trying to ward off the winter crazies with a mix of nourishing cooking, interior de-cluttering, and outdoor excursions...

The thing I seem to enjoy the most these days, though, are the mornings.  Whether its the great breakfasts that have yielded so thankfully from our well stocked pantry and freezer--and some busy hens--or the knowing that icy grip of winter is losing its grasp on all of the living that is demanding to creep.  It creeps, presses, urges, from the colorful (or well sketched) pages of our seed catalogs, in the persistent sound of the life blood of trees dripping evenly into galvenized buckets.  It pushes its way past the woodpiles and the brown icy snowbanks.  It is apparant in the sensation of a woodstove penetrating against my back and a more gentle but growing warmness on my face through the window as the sun, coming up just a little earlier, enables my sacred sunrise coffee moment before the kids ramble downstairs and the day starts its wonderfully unpredictable unfolding.


  1. I think mornings are my favortie time of the day. I get up before the rest of the household, so it is very quiet. I can drink my coffee and plan for the day ahead. Your blueberries look great. Did you grow them?

  2. Maine is Wild Blueberry land! We buy ours in bulk 20# box fresh ofF the field in August from a farm down the road. It is such a treat to reach into the freezer for a taste of summer like that. We have a tiny little spot of wild berries along the walk to our front door that spreads ever so slightly each year...but makes for no more than a passing treat on the way by.

  3. Aww, that's lovely... but if it's leaving you, that means it's coming my way!!

  4. Your kitchen looks like a warm place to hang out. Here's hoping spring is upon you!


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