Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meanwhile back at the home school...

We've been studying...

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Youtube has some wonderful slideshows set to his music.
We have a set of value books from when my husband was little.  
One of them is The Value of Giving which is all about him.
We have also been starting to look at different instruments.
A few years ago we looked through our local pennysaver and found a free piano...just haul (break your dear husband and brother in laws' backs) it yourself.
Santa also brought Harmonicas and a recorder.  
We acquired a free book of lessons for recorders as well.
(I do not expect to have them performing "Fur Elise" any time soon, just enjoying listening music and creating a joyful noise.)

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
A classic.  I think that it has a great message that even if you are the "runt" you can still do great things, make excellent friends, and have lots of fun!  
Some days we all need that little touch of encouragement.

Saxon Math level 1
Right now we are studying about 1:1 correspondence and matching numbers to the number of items.

Saxon Phonics Level 1
We are learning about short and long vowels.
Not that this is phonics, but we are also introducing dolch words in order to increase reading fluency and W.'s ability to read a little quicker.

Nature Study/Science
We have started our onions and lavender.  
Sweet potatoes are going in for slips soon.
We are making daily notes as to how they are doing.
We are also studying weather daily when we do calender time.

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  1. Sounds like your school day is pretty full. I love Charolette's Web and still cry every time I read it. We are reading World War II history right now and while I know it's importance, it can still be a little depressing.


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