Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Occasionally I work as a waitress where they put lemons on the edge of drinks.  Last night was a night where I had to cut lemons for drinks.  Typically the ends of lemons are discarded, which seems very wasteful to me, so I had an idea.

 I took the lemon ends home and carefully washed the lemons, cut off the stem and blossom ends, and then sliced them thinly.  I arranged them on the dehydrator in a single layer.

After they became dry and crisp, I put them away for storage.  They will make lovely tea along with the rose hips I dehydrated when I made the rose hip jelly.

What do you think Country Sister?  Are you ready for a tea competition as well?


  1. I'll try to dry up some peppermint from our wild patch--rosehip, lemon and mint sounds like a great combination for some collaborative tea.

  2. Thank you City Sis for leaving a comment on my blog...I love your blog and the sisters sharing it...what a fabulous idea! I have a lemon tree and this year we had an enormous lemon harvest so I was very interested in this post and it's something I've never thought of. I gave away tons and squeezed and froze in ice cube trays the rest. The dehydrator is something I've always wanted to purchase. What kind would you recommend?


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