Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Taste of Math...YUM

Banana bread was our main lesson today.  W., age 5, enjoyed reading the recipe and working on the quantities.  C., age 2, was into using banana as hair gel and narrating the process. 

Not Granny's Loaf Pan
This banana bread is the best, moist and rich, yet lower in fat than one would think.  It was developed by Marjorie Standish, author of Cooking Down East.  I have fond memories of creating it with my grandmother in her big yellow milk glass bowl and then pouring it into her metal loaf pan with the pink enamel lining to bake.  After making it she would slice a big slab of it off the loaf and smear it with butter (NOT MARGARINE...occasionally she would go into stories about growing up on the farm and how much better butter was then.) She would also make tea for herself and cambric tea for me (as you should be over 12 to drink real tea.)  Still it made me feel grown up.

Mostly Gone
The bread is still delicious.

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