Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life is a bowl of cherries

Yesterday was Monday...farmer's market day just down the road.  With our current circumstances we were unable to plant as much as we wished this year.  We are waiting until spring to plant fruit trees and then we will have to wait a few years until they are fruitful.  Therefore, the farmer's market (singular as there is only one farm selling at this one) is our best option for fresh fruit and vegetables.  We bought beets, red peppers, and cherries.

In order to have some fruit come winter, I am trying to put up as much fruit as possible.  I have quart upon quart of rhubarb from our garden.  I also have a few strawberries frozen as well as turned into jam from our garden.  The cherries added up to about a pint and a half after they were washed and pitted.  In order to make it a child friendly experience we bought a "cherry chomper"  from the local grocery store. 

Life is better with cherries.
We couldn't resist.  I know there are many more than one and a half pints in the bowl...the kiddos were ready for breakfast, and what is better than some nice dark fruit.

One side note about the cherry chomper...the cherry juice runs a little out the mouth and the bottom fills with pits and juice.  It can look a bit gruesome.  A quick dump of the base and rinse makes all the difference. 

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