Sunday, August 22, 2010


An so it begins...the sweetest part of the year.  When the brambles begin to bring forth their fruit.  I ended up picking a large handful on this glorious day, but alas, by the time I entered the door, all the delicious raspberries were gone.  Fruit is nature's candy, and do my children have sweet teeth. 

I also began researching fall planted bramble fruit.  We live in zone 6A, which affords us the luxury of planting brambles and blueberries in the fall, letting them get established, and then having fruit available the next year rather than sacrificing that precious first year.  I have found several local mail order nurseries that have raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.  For this area, the planting golden time is September 20th.  This gives me just under a month to make some beds and order some bareroots. 

It is one of our goals to expand the fruit production on our quarter acre haven.  Currently, we hope to within the next few years, be able to put up enough fruit, by canning and freezing, to keep our family in jam, jelly, baked goods and plain old fruit all year long. 

I can't wait for raspberry rhubarb crisp, that is, if I can ever get though the door with a raspberry.

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