Monday, November 19, 2012


On election day Tuesday, I got a lot accomplished before 9:00 am.

I got a shower.
I visited the dentist (with a good report.)
I exercised my civil duty.
I announced  to my husband what I was getting him for Christmas.

For about 6 months my husband has been dragging his copy of Cider around the house (found on the sidebar...he really digs is which says a lot for a boy who never liked math or chemistry and this book contains both.)  He reads it during commercial breaks during the news, or during sporting events.  He took it on warm summer evenings to the side porch to read while grilling or watching the kids play.  He curled up with it at night during family reading time.  In other words, it fascinates him.

So imagine my excitement when I drove by a brew supply store just down the street from one of my clients.  Usually that kid is my first in the morning...early early morning...with many kids scheduled back to back to back after.  But over the past few weeks, our scheduled appointment changed to last thing in the day...a perfect opportunity.

My first time in the shop, the guy led me around showing me the necessities of cider.  No pressure...just helping me get my numbers together.  I also got down the process in a very simple way.   Basically, mix cider, sweetener, and yeast in a container and let sit with an airlock on top.  In a few days put in a carboy and let sit some more with the airlock on top.  Maybe at this point add a little sweetener if you want sparkling cider.  Then put in containers and chill/enjoy.

I made my husband space in the canning cupboard by rearranging the pantry and putting empty jars in the garage for next season.

I scheduled the client for the evening again and bought the supplies.
Honey, a bucket, a carboy, some sanitizer...I think I need to go back and get some bottles and tubing.
I called around to find preservative free cider in the quantities we needed.
The husband picked them up on his way home from work.

Last weekend he mixed up his first batch.  It took a few days but all the sudden, the cupboard started to smell of apples and the airlock started to bubble...first just a little one here and there, and now it's several times a minute.

Now he's talking beer.


  1. Total awesomeness!!!! I cant wait for the family taste test. We have some bubbling away too. We used wild yeast only in ours and no it should be cool to compare.


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