Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My own odyssey...a knit along

It seems as though I am always getting myself into "those" knitting projects...the ones that take forever much like the Odyssey...which we happen to be reading.

It all started out well.  A simple Oaklet Shawl...I started knitting...first 4 stitches...every other row adding 4 more...until you get to 233.  Doesn't sound like much until you get into doing it...and each row gets longer and longer.

More stitches...hands cramping to finish... interruptions that take forever...and then you get there the magic 233 stitches.  And then you stop.  You are on vacation and the pattern you need is at get home and distracted by putting things away and life in general...

And so we began working on the ancient Greeks.  And Mary Pope Osborne (of Magic Treehouse fame) wrote a whole series Tales From the Odyssey...and right now we are reading Book One: The One Eyed Giant.  And the wonderful thing about is written at a second-third grade level but has LARGE PRINT with lots of space between the lines which is very helpful for a reluctant reader who needs strong glasses...It is also written in a very engaging style that draws the kiddos in.  I highly recommend it.

Joining Ginny and her Yarn along...


  1. Oh that is frustrating! I have been emailing my patterns to myself lately and saving them in my phone in case I get into a jam. Plus I'm too lazy to carry the pattern with me! I love the color of your yarn. It will look great with that pattern.

  2. It's going to look great when it's done though! The yarn is beautiful.

  3. It will be worth it..I have little project pattern papers everywhere..with reminders of where I left off.

  4. Pretty colours enjoy the finish.


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