Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A good trade...

 Now remember these...

They grow up into...

It's hard to tell, but the one in the center of the picture is a rooster as well as the one hiding on the left behind the pallet/roost.
Two cock-a-doodle in the morning (and every 5 min. afterward) roosters.
And roosters tend to get into crowing wars.
And that is not permissible in the confines of a quarter acre in a suburban neighborhood.
The neighbors don't quite appreciate roosters.

So I asked around.
And it paid off to do so.

I found a lady who lives about a mile away who's land has been deeded as a farm.
As long as she has farm animals, she keeps the farm title.
And as long as she has the farm title, the town can't make her get rid of any of her animals.

So she is quite happy now to have acquired two Easter Egger Roosters.
The roosters will be happier with an acre to forage upon with their hens (one leghorn and the rest are Easter Eggers.)
And they can play with a silly billy goat...
and two alpacas.

And when I went to make the final pre-drop off arrangements,
I was given not one, but two full large garbage bags full of


Yes, it's raw fleece that will need to be carded, spun, and then cleaned...
but wowza!  
Just imagine what will be happening here soon.

And there's going to be more fleece too as the farmer is getting them sheered again in a few weeks...
and I'm the only one she knows that can handle the fleece...
I think she'll be getting a matching set of winter gear soon.


  1. Very cool! I've never seen raw alpaca fleece except in pictures. Enjoy your treasure!


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