Friday, March 9, 2012

Springing ahead...

I've been a bit off posting, but it's for a good reason.
Spring is here.

We got out our saved seeds from last year and began sowing our transplants.

And the most fun of all...the greens we planted in the cold box have begun to poke their little leafy heads out.
In not too much more time, we'll have salad, grown here at home, for dinner.

The peas are in.

The trenches for the potatoes are dug.

Even though it won't be time for a few months, I have the cucumber trellis all set up.

I have a vision.

Now all I have to do is wait.


  1. Hope the cucumber trellis isn't too close to that last picture (with the chickens) as those newly budding greens would be wonderful pickings for the chooks! :)

  2. I have spring envy. No chance we will see the ground for months. Love the spouting greens.


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