Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Right now I am...

Obsessing over the new tax assessment in our county...it made national news when a parking space was assessed at $55,000.00 dollars (hey, I don't live in NYC for a reason.)  My appeal is in a little over 2 weeks...wish me luck!

Watching crazy play... apparently Jenga blocks are money and C. is a fancy chocolate maker who makes and sells footie jamies...W. tells her of extenuating circumstances that cause sales to go up or down...Summer...Blizzards...Day time forever!

Loving the "new" blue dresser given to us by our neighbor for my little boy...he's seven on Friday...I can't believe it.

Scared that time is going by too fast...my girl is already four and talking about being a ballerina and having babies...Good grief girly! Slow down and enjoy your childhood.

Longing for the greens to speed up and be ready for a nice fresh salad.

Getting ready for my dear mother-in-law to come over and "encourage" the kids to try on all of their clothes and see what still fits, what gets handed down, and what goes in storage.

Hoping you are loving the first day of SPRING as much as I am!

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