Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Teddy Berry's Gender Feud...A yarn along

We read.
I knit.
Ginny does both and I am sharing what we've been knitting around here...
Once upon a time...
My husband was a little boy who had a teddy bear named, may I add very creatively,
Teddy Bear (proper noun now so it must be capitalized.)
C. was at Grandma's house and decided that Teddy Bear was now hers.
And he had to go through a name change.
Teddy Bear is now known as Teddy Berry.
Teddy Bear was a boy according to the husband.
According to C. Teddy Berry is a girl.
And in order to prove it, SHE needed a headband.
I explained due to her ear's placement a nice necklace or shawl would work best.
She agreed, but she wanted a button.
A button that we made together
So I mustered all my knitting knowledge and made a necklace/shawl for Teddy Berry that had a button hole.
The yarn is from my shalom sweater and we made the button ourselves from a downed apple tree...
a chop saw (no children were involved in that part...) some sand paper...and some beeswax.
And child labor.
And I succeeded. 

By the way...We are still on Harry Potter 4
I have a feeling it will be around for a few months.
It is very long.

The pattern went like this
Cast on 6 stitches.
K 3 rows
R4: k3 YO K3
R5: K2 k2tog K3
K all rows until it is long enough to go around the neck of a bear with about 1 inch overlap.
Bind off, weave in ends, sew on button.


  1. Oh what a lovely little story. Teddy berry looks great in her new shawl.

  2. Yes, a girl needs her accessories!
    I have been making cedar buttons here, they are a lot of fun.
    Happy Yarn Along!

  3. Such a cute story, adorable Teddy & Thank you for the pattern for Teddy's necklace.

  4. Very sweet story. Yes a Teddy Berry would need a necklace of sorts. My teddy bear was named Puffy. (it was a he)

  5. that is a lovely story. nicely done making buttons yourself with child labor, lol, i clean my house with child labor too, except they make the dang messes in the first place.



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