Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sweet Valentine...

It was St. Valentine's day.
(Sorry this post is a bit late.)
At most schools I have worked at, the younger kids do nothing to further their education on this day.
They pass out generic cards that their parents filled out for them, eat sugar, and get generally wound up.
Instead we did math and fine motor manipulation (measured, stirred, rolled, scooped, crimped...

and made homemade whole wheat poptarts.)

We worked on handwriting Valentines.
 We worked on fine motor control...

and patterning (C is working on AB patterns while W. is more into AABCCD type crazy patterns.)

We researched the saint behind the holiday.

While we don't typically make a big deal out of a Card Company Holiday
We do remember what sacrifice St. Valentine made.
In the name of love.

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