Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A garden construction vocabulary lesson...

Home school is often a group effort.
And we all have to use our skills in order to make things happen.
For example...if you want to learn about sunlight, plants, photosynthesis, evaporation and condensation, shapes and numbers, composting and recycling...you can build a cold box.
First you have to scrounge for what you have.  
In our case it was inspired by an old storm window that we don't use anymore (and a burning desire to grow some greens RIGHT NOW.)
So we scrounged our scrap wood pile and found some boards that were similar sizes.
And then W. had to use his skills to discern if the two storm windows were CONGRUENT (vocabulary word this week.)
Then he measured their LENGTH and WIDTH and also measured the DIAGONAL (also vocab words) to get a third measurement.
C. informed us that the window was a rectangle and told us the numbers (two-zero for twenty etc.)
W. drew the BLUEPRINT.
And then the building commenced.
I did the saw work (raise your hand if the idea of me with a chop saw scares you
...yes all hands should be up.)
I also did the screw gun work. 
(Again, if you are a good student, your hand should be up for fear...)
W. measured my box...yup 20 inches long...48 inches wide...52 inch diagonal...just as it should be.
We all dug in the big garden for some soil...and added a little compost...and some potting soil from a poinsettia...
We wondered why the soil was ice on the top of the garden...and why the worms were below the ice layer in the workable zone...
We smooshed up the ice chunks and mixed all of the soil components...
The soil was very moist so we didn't add water...but we did put on the top...
And then waited as the sun warmed up the box...making the water in the soil EVAPORATE...and CONDENSATE on the glass...and talked about the water cycle.  
After that, it was time to plant some lettuce...
And when it comes up...we will be ready to talk about other math and science terms.
Who says you need a fancy science curriculum...This lesson cost us FREE dollars...
Cost us negative dollars since it will eventually feed us...
and the lesson doesn't stop there.
If you noticed, our box doesn't have a tilted top yet. 
We are going to add vertically in the next week or two as our plants need more room, but cutting boards on a DIAGONAL...well, we need someone else to do that one...
(Hey husband if you are reading this...you may be foreseeing your future...hopefully with thumbs...
Don't worry, I'm trained in first aid...)

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  1. I'm so glad to happen across your blog! Looks entertaining and informative ladies! I think I can learn a lot from you!

    Warm wishes from Kansas!


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