Monday, February 20, 2012

Learning to build...

The kids have been busy with homeschool tasks...
Life skill tasks...
And life in general.

I wish I had learned more skills as a child.
I have always liked to create.

I love the thought of "I did it all by myself" as much as any 3 year old does.
My grandmother always focused this desire towards "girl" tasks...knitting, sewing, crafts...

But now I am wishing I knew more about other things...
hence why I am terrified of the chop saw...
...also known as my new best friend.

Hello, my name is citysister and I can't stop using the chopsaw...
It started as the quest for the perfect button.
I wanted one that was rustic looking.
I wanted one that was strong.
I wanted one that would be durable.
I wanted one that was one of a kind.

So I began to create.

and create some more

My next project is a chicken tiller.
I'm still in the planning stages but the thought goes like this.
The chickens are just lazing around their coop and yard.
I want to put them to work.
I am going to build a little box frame out of scrounged wood
 cover it in some scrounged wire
and place 2-3 chickens in it.

It will be placed in the garden and moved at least once per day.
My thought is this.
The chickens will scratch for bugs, composted bits, green weeds that are starting to come up,
and all that jazz.
They will get rid of the bad stuff and in return
place some "fertilizer" in the garden.

Then after putting them back into their coop, I will move the chicken tiller to the next patch in the garden.

Thus, I will get my garden tilled without a tiller.

We have lots of new garden space this year so this will really help get the compost that was placed there in the fall all mixed in with the sub-cardboard layer and make sure the grass areas are killed.

Wish me luck...I hear old chopper calling and I got to get this new bit of equipment built.
Wish me luck and to come out with all 10 digits.

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  1. I had a similar experience falling in love with a table saw. I think DH got to use it about twice before I took it over. Love the buttons!

    1. Thanks! I am loving power tools right now...I think my husband uses them just when necessary...I love to use it for crazy things I have planned in my head...possibilities!

  2. Chopsaw- I had to look that one up. It will be fun to see what you create with your new obsession.

    1. Just wait until you see what I have planned with a jigsaw...a gift from a friend who was retiring and didn't need it anymore!

  3. Stopping in of hop! I really enjoyed this post. I have many easy projects for you and your readers on my blog to do. I also invite you all for the give away, its almost over so hurry!

    1. Thanks for the link...I'll have to check it out.


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