Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The kindness of community

It's worth getting to know the small business owners in the area.
It's worth asking them their recommendations for products needed, or if they want to get rid of pallets.
It's worth building these foundations for a day like Sunday.
Saturday night the local deer had a meeting followed by a party in my garden.
They voted and decided to leave the squash alone (this time) since last meeting they ate squash leaves.

This time they decided to eat the tomatoes in the front right side as well as the swiss chard and the green beans

(but only if they are new and bearing flowers and new little sweet beans.)
Yes, they ate my tomatoes (but left one giant one alone!)
So I went to the garden store and Mike was there...
He asked how the chickens were and if I needed any feed...
"No I bought some when you (Mike) were on vacation a few weeks ago...
We're good, it's just the deer..."  
I told the story about the deer and their local union meeting and after party...
So we decided on a fine liquid fence.  
He also suggested a gun or bow and arrow.
I then went out to look at the plants...they always make me happy to see...and something amazing was out there...12, one year old strawberry plants for $8...but wait...a 50% off sign was next to it...I went in and asked if the strawberry plants were half off too...and by golly they were.  
I went out to study them...I called my husband about them as just a few days ago we were discussing strawberry plants and our future as growers of strawberries...
and I checked what they had...one everbearing and eight June bearing.  
That's all that was left.  
Mike then came out and asked if I wanted any, he'd load them up (that place loves to load up you car for you...nice thing about the "small town" feeling of our area) and ring me up...I thought I'd buy 3 pots (36 plants plus daughter plants coming out everywhere so closer to about 50.) but only one of them is ever bearing..."We'll have strawberries in June...just have to have a little patience." I told Mike.  
"Well, take them all." was his reply..."not everyone has vision like that."
I now have over 100 strawberry plants in my back yard.

All for $12.
I still need to plant them, but this is where they will go.  I need to put down compost and straw and then plant, but this area has been liquid fenced and should be safe until I get the time to do this... so I may just get some berries after all...
with some patience and vision.


  1. Let's hope that union goes on strike now!

  2. You can also try putting up white rope and tying a few pie pans around the area. It isn't very attractive, but it does keep the partiers at bay! xx

  3. Patience pays off! We have blackberries and raspberries planted, but have yet to try strawberries. I'd love to try them if we could work out a space. Visiting from Heavenly Homemakers.

  4. So, you giving the deer more variety in their diets?? :)

  5. The problem of living by a park is that the deer union never goes on strike...

    We're planning on a fence like that for next year...this year we have so many volunteer squash that we couldn't...

    We love our berries...we have blackberries, raspberries and strawberries...and now more strawberries!

    variety is the spice of live...but those deer do not deserve it! Oh those vile beasts...cute yes! but vile eaters.

  6. That story made me smile. That's what supporting your local store owners will do for you. Glad you got them, hope the deer stay out now!

  7. looks like you have a wonderful garden sorry some unexpected guest visited

  8. That's bit rude of the deer. Huge party, no invitation and you get to clean up after... that's not fair.
    Upside is the strawberries though- how wonderful!


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