Sunday, August 14, 2011

Does anyone know what today is?...and a GIVEAWAY

To some of you, this may ring a bell...
The first picture on Citysister-Countrysister.
That's right this today, it has been one year in which my sister and I have been sharing snippits out of our lives with the general public.
We are truly thankful to the ones who have been sharing the journey with us.
And with that, I'd like to give a thank you to our followers.

Why a glass chicken?
Well, that was my gateway drug...having chickens made us have lots of compost...
for bigger gardens...which grew more food...which led to more canning...which led to cost savings...
which led us to more gardens and more chickens and more compost...
and so it goes...
Barnheart...that dreaded disease.

To be put into the drawing, you must be a follower
(you can become one now if you want.
If you need help just give a holler and I'll do my best to guide you through...
and if you think that you are a follower, just make sure you are...blogger got rid of a few of you along the way...not us.)
Also, let us know what your favorite post is...or what you'd like to see more of...
after all, that's what keeps you coming back right?
Drawing will be Thurs 8/18...
that's when my sister got in on the act.
Got it...good.
Good luck
(you may need it.)


  1. My favorite post is Tucked In...Dec. 2010 I liked reading how you get your animals housed for the winter...something I need to work on a bit better.

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary. I'm a new reader and the buttermilk recipe was my favorite post. Now I've going to look up that tucked in post that Lynda enjoyed.

  3. "Welcome to the Family Baby Boy" gets my vote. What can I say...? I'm a "twinkie" for stories like that. (All cream filled inside...@:)

    BTW..Love the chicken!!! If I win it would be a constant reminder to my hubby who keeps saying "NO CHICKENS!!!"


  4. I love chickens/roosters as glass ware! I have opaque ones up on my display shelf that were my grandmother's.

  5. Hi, I am new here and I live in Brazil. Does the giveaway go outside your country? I would LOVE to win it!!!
    Thank you .

  6. Good Morning Sisters! I just joined your blog, and I really love it! My favorite post (I only went back a few weeks, but will read more later) was on making buttermilk. I had no idea I could do that! Yogurt, yeah of course. But, buttermilk?! Awesome!I love seeing posts on how to make things that I buy in the store. I will be trying that next week! What a great giveaway!

  7. I adore the chicken! My favorite posts are the one's that deal with food...gardening, canning, recipes; they help expand my cooking and are a joy to try.xx

  8. Happy Blogaversary! I have enjoyed your stories and pictures. But I gotta say, you gave me a darn good laugh calling chickens the gateway drug! So true!!!


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