Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not so Scrumptious Saturday

Broken oven...not so good.
We've been eating lots of items cooked on the stove top...pancakes, rice, chicken.
Old favorites, comfort food.
My sister in law came over for the weekly cooking lesson.  On the stove today was...
Chicken Cacciatore
1 Whole Chicken broken up into pieces
1 can tomato paste
2 onions cut in1/6ths
6 carrots
4 ribs celery
4 cloves garlic smashed.
olive oil
Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, oregano etc to taste
1 cube veggie broth bouillon

Put olive oil in pan and heat.  Break chicken into thighs, drumsticks, breasts, and back.  Dredge the chicken in flour and then brown the chicken in the pan for about 8 min on each careful not to crowd the chicken or it will not sear/brown nicely.  Take the chicken out and put the veggies in.  Let them hang out and get nice and soft.  Dissolve the bouillon  in 1 cup hot water and mix in the tomato paste (if you don't have paste, you can use canned tomatoes...just dissolve the bouillon in water.) Then pour the tomato/bouillon mixture in the pot and add the chicken.  Put a top on and cook on low or put it all in a Crockpot (vintage orange from your parents, not a dump, works best!)  I also will put it in the oven (if it's working) for a few hours while I do baking.  It's one of those recipes that are done when they are done, but just make sure the chicken is done.  The longer you cook it, the better it is!  Serve over some sort of grain or pasta, either one will soak up the yummy juices.


  1. Mmm, that sounds like it might make it onto the March meal plan. Yummy and simple.

  2. I love a one pot wonder, (or lately it's become a one wok wonder :-)
    I love that your sister inlaw comes over for a weekly cooking lesson.


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