Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What dreams are made of...

It's amazing to me.

One day you are knee deep in snow, trudging through it to take care of the chickens and tap the trees, then overnight the warm wind blows and melts it all.  Sure the neighbors complain that their basements flood (plant something other than gravel!) but you instead see the beauty of it.  The mud, the faintly green of the grass and weeds.  It's the urge that you get to buy seeds, and the way that you wait for them to come.  Last year's food scraps have magically turned into beautiful crumbly soil, fertile and ready to be added to the beds to nourish a new year's growth.

You go to the feed store to stock up on other seeds that you want to put in right away, or maybe it's for the seed starting supplies.  The fresh spring air has a certain scent that is intoxicating.  The smell of barn and dirt, moisture, growth.  It may be hot in the sunlight, but cold and blustery in the shade, just a reminder from winter that he is still lurking in the shadows.  
The early seeds that you plant start poking their little heads up out of the ground, spinach, lettuce, and carrots sending up their first two leaves towards the cold early year sun under their makeshift cold frame.

 The berries start putting out little grey leaves, and those tenacious weeds complain and try to hold fast when you pull them up. Strawberries stretch out last year's hands between mothers and daughters.  The Rhubarb starts poking out bright crumpled green leaves on the deep red stalks from their white winter cover.

The mint and oregano start their yearly quest for garden domination, while the chive hangs out between them and attempts to avoid the rabbit's gnaw.

The garlic, so carefully planted from the previous year's best and biggest bulbs and then mulched the fall before, starts poking up to remind you that they are there.  Little chirps from birds working hard fill the ears, as does the slashing sound of the hoe.  You send the kids out.  Their quest is to pick up all the limbs, sticks and twigs that the harsh winter broke from the trees.  They will make a wonderful start to a birthday bonfire.
  It's a magical time of year.  
One full of possibilities, dreams and over planning.  
Thoughts of canning in the blazing summer heat have barely entered your mind.
Yet, you have planned everything that will become dinners, canning adventures, and freezer stuffing.
It is Spring.

Note: The page for Citysister's harvest has been updated...I am finally writing it all down!


  1. That is a beautiful written post. I agree, it is a magical time of year. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Well said! What gardener doesn't love spring!

  3. Glad spring has finally come around your way!

  4. You are torturing me. We are still way far away from spring buds. I saw some flurries today. I love the inspiration I receive from your greens.

  5. Happy Spring to you! It is magical.
    Cooler nights here for us, Autumn is sneaking in... and it's rather lovely.

  6. oh my! snow and school cancellations here yesterday. we had one day that got up to 70 and now we're back to frozen and coated in white. it is really inspiring to know that just a few states away the earth has come to life. thanks for the pictures!


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