Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holy bag of corn...

We didn't plant corn this year.
Yes I had the seeds.
Yes I had the space.
But the space was covered by a chicken run and they didn't get moved in time for the seeds to be planted.
And corn seeds last so well...next year we'll have our own corn.
So this year I bought corn.

A lot of corn.
For $20 at the farmer's market I got a sack of corn.
So big my husband walked in the house and said 
"Holy bag of corn."
So what will this girl do with all this corn?
The husband loves creamed corn.
He really does.
So I am thinking about making it for him.
Along with frozen corn on the cob.
And some fresh roasted.
And I have a feeling we'll have corn to last the year.
Summer in a jar.
Summer in the freezer.
One wonderful thing about putting your food by.
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  1. I love putting corn up. I don't grow it here simply because sweet corn is a HUGE crop around here, so I can buy it roadside directly from the farmers. Cheap! So I use my space for other things and support them by buying their yummy corn. Can't wait to hear how many jars/frozen ears you end up with.

  2. I've never put up corn as it's pretty cheap. (So far) How do you like it best? Frozen or canned? I might have to give it a shot.

  3. Yummy, I love corn!
    We drink corn juice, we love corn ice cream and some corn cake , too!


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