Thursday, May 26, 2011

The golden hour

It was one of the days where the kids decided to fight, cry, and repeat...much to my dismay.  
Full of things that I know I would have found boring as a child.
Car repair, therapy, unloading the month's grocery order.
At last the last fight was over...
A calm reading of Little House on the Prairie (tough to do since it was the chapter about cowboys.)
To bed...Sweet bedtime...for the little combatants.
Momma Time!
Get outside and pick lettuce.
Check for eggs.
Dig up the volunteer tomatoes growing in the front yard (now how did those get there?
Right...C's pick a tomato, take a bite and throw game she loved to play last summer...)
Plant the peppers and most of the tomatoes amongst the lettuce, carrots and spinach.
Oh my...more tomatoes growing in the compost heap...big beautiful plants...better than some that I cared for for months...oh well.
Notice the Nasturtiums coming up with their odd round leaves.
Smelling the grass of the neighbor's mowing.
And as the last of the tomatoes that were going into the big bed...
the sun began to set leaving a golden cast to the word around me.
Ah the early golden moments of summer.


  1. Enjoy those early days of summer... even if it does start with little combatants :-)


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