Thursday, May 19, 2011

The I hate stink bug club.

Stink bugs...I hate stink bugs.
At night they fly so can hear each beat of their little wings.
And the stench.
My cats love trying to catch them, but they release their namesake odor.
Musty, with a touch of rotten decomposing meat.
So the local tv station put out a video of a bunch of comercial traps...
$50 on average.
(not in the budget)
So then a local tried their hand at it and suposedly made an even better trap...
for (drum roll please...)
$7.00 or less...
Watch this...
I'll be making one I'm sure...
So I don't have to look at

                                                   Adult stink bug
Adult Stink Bug
Credit University of Guelph


  1. I want to join your club! They get on my peaches and ruin them.

  2. I saw that on the news last night. My chickens love them and that seems like a good way to catch them.

  3. Good luck getting rid of the little fellas.

  4. We don't have stinkbugs in Alaska. I think I recall them from growing up, but have heard a lot of folks complaining about them last year from the Lower 48. Sounds icky.


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