Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stocking up...

Last night I roasted a chicken.  
I had to clear room out of the refrigerator and freezer due to the new month's supplies being delivered this morning.  
You will have to wait and see the Scrumptious Saturday this Saturday to see what I made, but for today, I will tell you about the stocking we did last night and this morning.

After roasting the chicken, I broke up the chicken leftovers into smaller pieces and put as well as the pan drippings into a pot and covered all the bones in water.  Then I let it simmer from dinner time to bed time.  
My dear husband was actually the one to take the pot off the stove and put it in the fridge so we didn't waste it.  
This morning I woke up early as I had received a phone call the night before from our dear Frankferds that our delivery would arrive between 7:30 and 9:30 am!  I put the pot on the back burner on low and continued on my day.  
The delivery came...Stocking up yet again with flour, yeast, canned goods, produce, and dairy delivered to the door. Then, once everything was put away, I realized that we were out of yogurt, so out came one of our 1/2 gallon bottles of milk.
I figured I saved quite a bit of time, money and energy by having the delivery made.  They drive right by here anyway and the cost of gas and time out of our schedule made it worth it.
 C. and I prepared the yogurt in our usual way. With that starting to ferment, we started in on the chicken.  
I drained off one pint of ultra concentrated chicken stock and then began to pick any meat that had boiled off the bones.  I got one pint of chicken meat pieces.  I then put some of the stock over the chicken pieces and topped both bottles off with water.  With that done, I broke up the bones once more into smaller pieces to expose the marrow and all of the goodness found there.  Again, covering the bones with water, I started up the pot.

During all of this we:
Ate breakfast
Read one chapter in "Little House In the Big Woods"
Did a phonics lesson
Did a math lesson
Had some free play time with connect 4
Did a puzzle
Got dressed
Got very silly with a monster chase game.

That's my story...
What did you do this morning?

UPDATE: Weighed remains of chicken after 2nd boiling...Used all of the chicken except 8.6 oz (from a 6 pound bird) Pretty good EH?


  1. Showered, woke my son out a peaceful sleep for preschool, rushed out of the house by 7:30am to head to town (1hr) to go to Takleetna (2 more hours) to meet some homeschool families. Wondering where the 4-9 inches they said was coming is and should I really go so far with a storm brewing? Tonight...... relax. It was not bad just a morning.

  2. All I did was go to the dentist today. I have debated getting my FF order delivered. I just never remember to call an order in. I have to remember that.


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