Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A pile of fermentation

We got back from a mini-vacation yesterday afternoon.  
Typically I make yogurt on a weekly basis, but I didn't have time to before I left, 
so our old yogurt was a bit icky.
So today I had to revamp the yogurt from here.

I also received a package in the mail from Alaska thanks to 
This is my life at 720 square feet, she is such a sweet fierce momma!

In it was a pack of sourdough from Alaska!
(Have I ever mentioned my obsession with Alaska...
I have a ULU my parents brought back for me and now a living sourdough... and some beautiful books! 
Oh it is just too much!)
I love sourdough.
I love it with passion.
I have wanted to make a good one for a while, but just didn't have the courage to make one from scratch 
(what if it made awful sourdough) 
and I couldn't find a starter that was an old strain locally.
C. and I mixed it up (with a bit of a struggle over the whole spoon issue.  
C. didn't want to use a wooden spoon.  
Her metal spoon would spell certain death for the dough.)
So now I have that fermenting over the top of my yogurt on a heating pad.
I have a large pile of fermentation slowly cooking away.
I love all the little creatures making food yummy.

So I will post this without pictures in hope that I find my camera after the long car ride and will later post a picture of my heap.


  1. What a lucky guess about the sourdough. Can't wait to see it in action. Yogurt and sourdough sounds like a yummy combo. If this one fails I will send you another:)

    I have another fierce mamma to add to our list.

  2. Oh sourdough! I wish I could eat sourdough bread everyday, but sadly I think my bread eating days are over. I hope you post when you bake your bread as I would love to at least look at it.

  3. Oh I love Alaska. I spent some of my most memorable times there and it was the first time I had sourdough Pancakes. I hope you starter pulls through.

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  5. Oh that's a bit exciting! Looking forward to hearing of your sourdough travels.


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