Thursday, March 24, 2011

W's now 6!

It's of 11:11pm last night, W. is 6 years old.
We celebrate birthdays with lots of choice.
W. made the following choices:

No school work (except arts and crafts.)
Jammies all day.

Chinese takeout for dinner.
Sitting at the head of the table.
(He had to move his blue dot too...)
Lots of lemonade.
Dinner by candlelight.
Home made napkin rings.
Old blue eyes on the CD player.
So as he ate his Chinese food (attempts were made with chopsticks! It's a miracle!) and bobbed to the beat of a CD bought for background music for our wedding, we spoke about all the wonderfulness that he has brought to our lives.  
He loved having his day of choice...his day to shine and do all the things he wanted to.
My big guy.
My sunshine.


  1. Oh, now you can read "Now you are six" by A.A.Milne. Six is such a great age...I think that about all the kid ages. Sounds like ya'll had a great day.

  2. So sweet. I love birthday's and I love letting them choose all the little things as well. Sounds like he had a lovely day.


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