Monday, October 4, 2010

Frontier Friday

It all started with the Queen.  The Queen was sold to us by a great friend who had to pass it up for a real power heater of a wood stove in her kitchen.  I had been looking for a cook stove for some time until we gratefully came upon this one at a "pay it forward" price...we couldn't resist.

So, we uninstalled our Vermont Castings Vigilant which was blasting us out every time we lit it up anyway---and moved in....

Tortillas on the Back Burner

Isn't she pretty?  We got her last spring so we had a few cool days remaining to make some small fires and cook a few breakfasts and some pizzas.  She sat idle for the summer. 
We have some pretty great friends who also have a thing for wood cook stoves and cast iron.  So, between us, over the summer, we hatched a plan to put this stove, and ourselves to work.  A little challenge.  Something to take the monotony out of winter and put a spark in the increasing darkness.

Last Friday--the inaugural Frontier Friday.  A monthly dinner happening whereat all the food we enjoy together is cooked on the Queen Atlantic.  Well, as we suspected, last Friday was still a little on the warm side.  So we shot for a meal that wouldn't take as much cooking time or as hot a heat.  It was still pretty dang hot--but we laughed about our usual luxurious propane cooking and our present sweatiness.  And we ate a great meal of wood fire cooked local and homegrown food accompanied by wine and our kids playing happily upstairs.  It was Fabulous.
Frontier Friday Menu

Baked wildcaught Atlantic Cod
Potato Latkes with
Homemade applesauce and sour cream
Sauteed Kale


  1. My, that meal DOES sound fabulous...hope to see some pictures soon! :)

  2. Oh I want to see the Queen. Your meal sounds yummy.

  3. Yum yum! Love the stove!


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