Thursday, September 23, 2010

Math and Science all in one!

We use mason jars for everything around here.  Our math program encourages children to understand volume and measurement.  It is only natural for us to then teach how to measure in regards to our mason jars. (When else does a child need to know about a quart?)  We also decided to use colored water in order to help C. know about colors and color mixing (afterall, it is her school time too.) 

First we made a jar of red water and a jar of blue water.  We also had an empty quart jar so that W. would have something to fill up.  Since pouring is difficult for him, a funnel came in handy as well.

Then W. poured back and fourth until he had measured 1 cup.

At this point, he poured each cup into the quart jar.
Lo and behold it made...
We talked about how the quart was empty...when it had 2 cups of water in it (one red and one blue) it was half full.  We then made speculations about how many cups it would take to make it full.

We also saw how many cups in a pint and how many...
cups in a pint (2)
pints in a quart (2)
cups in a quart (4)

Overall it was a fun if I could only get the dye out of my fingers.


  1. This is my kind of math! What a great idea, I will have to try this with my littles : )

  2. Thanks...there are a few other color mixing lessons that I used to use in the classroom...stay tuned!

  3. Sa-weeet blog!
    You asked about my bread and if it is a master boule? Not sure what you mean by that. The italian bread is a recipe I found online and the rolls are from the New York Times No-Knead recipe. Hope that helps!


  4. Country sister shared with me a "master boule" recipe (from artisan bread in 5 min. a day) It is a no knead bread as well. I will have to look up the bread recipe that you were talking about! I love bread!

  5. Always love lessons on color. My other favorite is the solid, liquid and gas experiment. Big chunk of heat, it melts to liquid...bring to a boil it turns into a vapor--aka steam--gas! :)

  6. I like that lesson as well...When I taught special ed, I liked to teach the kiddos the word "sublime." when doing it a second time, I'd turn the heat really high and take the ice from a solid to a gas...It always made people take a second glance when a child who was unable to control themselves or express themselves well could tell them about sublimation without a hitch! That's what I like about homeschool so much...we can do interesting things!


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