Monday, August 16, 2010

School Daze

Tomorrow begins a new phase at our household.  While we have been informally homeschooling for the past five years, as many parents are apt to do, we are beginning our more formal quest for knowledge. While on vacation, we stopped at a wonderful second hand book store and bought a few books (okay so most people don't call a laundry basket full of books a few) including several enrichment books and books to make sure that we are on track as Pennsylvania has very rigid educational laws. 
The Caterpillar
My son is beginning to read and is very proud of the caterpillar that he can read.  We have also been playing what he calls "the grocery store game."  This is a game where he writes the numbers 1-10 with cent signs after each.  He picks out ten items from the cupboard and assigns values to each item.  I give him about 10 cents and then he goes "shopping."  I like the game because it teaches him about numbers, budgeting and encourages him make some decisions.  One time while playing the game, he said "I like the noodles, but I don't like cheese...I love my sister so much I'm going to buy mac and cheese for her...can you make it for her lunch...oh she's so cute." 

It is the lessons you don't teach that are the most important.

We have purchased the Saxon Math and Saxon Phonics programs for the Kindergarten level.  We also spend a lot of time outside studying...What do the chickens like to eat?  What do they not like to eat? How are tomato plants and rhubarb similar and different?  I love the natural curiosity children have at this age.  They thirst for knowledge.

Right now I feel like I should be buying pencils.

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