Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mason jar breakfast

The magic bullet is such a wonderful phenomenon, right?  Who wouldn't be interested in homemade salsa in seconds, or a smoothie you can just blend and take with you in a flash?  You dirty less dishes and get the same end result.  The whole thing seemed genius, but I didn't want to buy it when I had a perfectly good blender in my cupboard.  That's all it really is... a glorified and more convenient blender.

After browsing through Pinterest one day, I saw that someone used a small mouth mason jar with their blender bottom to create their own Magic Bullet!  Genius!  It seemed too good to be true, so I decided to try it.  The article came from one of Martha Stewart's magazines, so if it didn't work, she'd be hearing from me and a lot of other people.  It had to be true! 

Another scientific experiment. 

Who's the genius now?  Well played Martha, well played! 


  1. I heard about doing this not long ago and had to try it for myself, worked like a charm and no big blender container to clean.

    1. It was awesome! And I'd much rather clean a mason jar than the entire blender.
      One sidenote: I didn't attach the bottom tight enough one day and the rubber gasket was sucked into the mason jar and blended into my smoothie. Kind of funny! Thank goodness I could find a replacement gasket online for just $1.

  2. Totally mind blowing experiment. Hope it taste good. Nice Job

  3. Oh man. Perfect. Also - sorry for the late comment - been offline for a long while. ;)


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