Friday, January 11, 2013

Stacking wood

This is such a fun time of year for so many reasons.  The kids love the fresh snow fall.  Throwing themselves in it, making snow angels and of course sledding!!  It brings so much joy to their little lives.

It's also, believe it or not, time to start thinking about next years firewood!  J likes to get it green, chainsaw it to the length we prefer, then split and stack it himself.  It needs to be stacked for a good 12 months to ensure it's dry enough to burn efficiently.  We didn't get our wood until May last year, and it's still a little bit damp.  This year, J wants to get a head start on things.  Besides, it's great busy work for him in the winter when he needs to get outdoors and do... well... manly things!  That, and it's much less expensive to do it this way.  You could spend about $250 for one cord of "seasoned" firewood (dried and ready to burn) and pick it up yourself (add $$ if you want it delivered), or you can order about 8 cord of green wood for about $750.  That will save us $1250!  Granted, he has to do all the labor himself, but he actually enjoys this kind of work, so yes sir, I think we'll take it!  We are also lucky enough to share custody of a wood splitter, so if J does all of his chopping this winter, he won't have to worry about it being available to him come Spring, when everyone else wants it.

Stacking wood has started to become one of my favorite things to witness in the winter.  All three kids like helping daddy out with the stacking, but only one of them stays out until the job is done!  That's our big guy.  #3!  He loves doing things just like daddy!
My two boys stacking wood and having fun together makes my heart so warm!  #3 is finally at an age where he is mobile in puffy vests, jackets and pants.  The cold annoys him, but he tolerates it and has fun.  Last year, he would go out and "help" daddy, but it was more like him standing next to a piece of wood and grunt while daddy did all the work.  This year, he actually picks it up...
 and tosses it in!
My big boy is growing up.  J says the stacking doesn't take as long now.  Watch out little guy... daddy might make you do it all on your own next year! 


  1. Great pictures! I wish my husband enjoyed the work of splitting wood! We get ours delivered already cut, some years just moving it to stack it is enough work for us! :)

    1. Thanks!
      If J didn't enjoy it so much, that's how we would do it too. You won't see me out there stacking wood. I'll pull it from the porch to use it though. That's as involved as I get. ;)


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