Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yarn Along...continuing the shalom or antishalom

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up - Ginny

It seems as though I am in a constant state of in the cardigan.
It is strange to me that I knit when under stress...Shalom (Hebrew for Peace) and Stress don't seem to go together.
Yet, maybe in stress I am looking for peace of mind, and the mindlessness of knitting seems to be very calming.
I have been getting lots of time to knit recently in the evening since the kiddos have been going to bed early.
I also get to knit Tuesday nights when C. is at dance class (one whole hour!)
So my Charcoal Shalom is coming along nicely.
I already have the top and the arm holes made and am continuing on to the lower half...
the truly mindless meditative half.
I even tried it on...not quite ready since the stitches on the needles make it difficult until it is a little further along.

As for reading...I am currently reading lots of websites (I know I should read a book, and we're reading Arthur's Eyes and Charlotte's Web, me peace or Shalom of mind.)
Lots of eye patch reviews...lots of different options.
Amblyopia Kids is currently my favorite website.
I bought some patches from here.
After all, they're cute, all cotton, our flex spending account pays for them, and have a coupon code until the end of the month (FB100 gives you $1.50 off if you need some.)


  1. Love it! Knitting, for me too, is how I de-stress and unwind from the crazy that is life.

  2. Yes, I knit...or am pulled to knit when I am stressed too. I think it is just soothing, one stitch, the slowness of the brings peace I think.


  3. I find that there's something very meditative about knitting. Oh, and sitting in front of the TV is perfect knitting time.

  4. Knitting always calms my nerves and my mind. I could not live without it. Lovely sweater!


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