Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And for something different...a yarn along...

I have been in a rut of Shalom sweater making.
The problem with it is this...after you get so far, it isn't quite a portable project.
It gets some heft and length and then becomes something that you want to sit on a table and work on rather than an "on the go" type project that can be carried about in a purse or small bag.

I needed something that I could tote along when the kids have lessons outside the home or were at baseball.

I made a few socks a while ago to see if it would be something that interested me.
I heard that they were addictive.
It was not for many stitches with minuscule needles and even smaller yarn.

I had some left over sock yarn that I won from an etsy shop Knit it up! (now McMullin Fiber Co.)
Titanic was it's name.

I needed a cool breeze on a summer evening type item.
So I decided maybe a shawl would be the ticket.
An Oaklet Shawl to be exact.

I've heard that they are also addictive like socks.
We'll see about it.

As for reading, I haven't had much time to get into any books of my own.
I have kids.
They love reading and being read to.
So even though it is not Christmas (or even Christmas in July) we are in the midst of  another rut...
Amelia Bedelia and her antics have entered our favorites.
And Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia is a big time hit.
We've read it at least twice a day for the past few days.

Come and Yarn along with Ginny


  1. Amelia Bedelia is so much fun! Knitting a shawl is perfect for this time of year.

  2. just perfect for a complete knitted garment or for adding that something special to a garments edge. Neulasetti


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