Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mom time...a yarn along

Tuesday after work I come home and pick C. up.
It's girl time.
She worries that we won't make it on time.
She urges me to go faster.
It's ballet night.
Ever since our date to the ballet she has thought of very little else.

She goes in and exchanges her street shoes for her dance shoes.
She goes with the other little girls.
And momma gets a full hour to knit.
I love having something to do while waiting for a sweaty and joyful 4 year old to come spilling out of class to tell every detail of the class.
Other moms laugh; they claim that her report is the only info on dance class they hear all week.
I joke that it's the only thing I hear about all week.

I also get an hour and a half Thursday mornings to spend time with the girl and knit while W. has classes.
She holds the ball of yarn and gives it out slowly.
She colors while I talk with the other mom that is there Thursday mornings.
We have a lot in common, the same name, kids in the same activity...

It's so nice to have something mindless to do while chatting.
When in the waiting rooms for our activities, I love to be able to pull out a ball of yarn and some needles and have an instant project.
The other moms have their phone, but I spend my time creating.
People have stopped the phone habit to chat now at ballet.
It's become a chat time rather than screen time.
Stitch by stitch, row by row...knitting has created a community.

C. got two ballet books from the library, but they were returned before they could be photographed (or have the late fines pile up.)
W. and I are still reading Harry Potter 4...The Goblet of Fire.  
He cuddles up and listens.
I love our book time, and try to savor it while I can.

Yarning along with Ginny again


  1. City Sister--your words catured me and drew me in. Knitting does build a community. Your shawl is a beauty and the color so vivid!

  2. I prefer to have busy hands creating as well. So glad your helped build that community around you.

  3. I love how knitting helps form a community!
    I also would rather sit and spend time knitting {or reading} than waste it away engaging in "screen time"!

  4. I always have a project along with me too while I wait on my babies. Your community sounds like it has really bonded and would be a lot of fun to be a part of!
    Have a great yarn along day.

  5. I used to knit as well when my daughter was in ballet class. So many years ago. Knitting makes any waiting time so much more enjoyable. Love that shade of blue-so rich!!

  6. Beautiful colour, beautiful words!
    I try and knit while my son has hockey practice, unfortunately it's really cold (strange that) at the ice rink and as I haven't quite mastered knitting with gloves I have to keep stopping to warm my hands up.

  7. I like that... knitting creating a community. It says a lot.


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