Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Date night

Last Tuesday night, I had a date...
...and the husband was the one to suggest it.
See...he was reading the newspaper as he is apt to do on a Sunday afternoon, when he handed it to me.
It was an article about a broadcast of the NYC ballet's production of the Nutcracker to a local movie theater.
It was decided...

I was going to the ballet...
with my girlie girl and junior ballerina.

So the girlie girl decided it was a girlie date and we should do girlie things.
We got dressed up.
(one member of our party dressed in a "leotard" (onsie) and tights...and needed to be convinced to put a dress on top.)
We went to dinner at the mall food court.
We went to the show.
That was followed by post movie discussion over dessert.

The ballet was wonderful.  
We were fortunate to have seats that the arm rest folded up (to make a jumbo cuddle seat)
and that the seat part folded up to make an excellent dance floor.
She danced for a good part of the show and a big smile never left her face.
When we got home, my little ballerina danced with her brother giving him big thumbs up to tell him,
"hey it's time to pick me up for the big jump."
She also decided that it will be a new tradition.
We HAVE to go to see that again.
Next year's a once a year thing.
But she doesn't quite buy that one despite it being the honest truth. 


Thanks for visiting with us girls...put your feet up and stay for a while.