Thursday, July 7, 2011

Locally Delicious...Very nutritious

Dinner...Ahhh Dinner
Mostly homegrown
Chicken from a local farm roasted with homegrown herbs on top of a bed of our own Swiss Chard braised with a bit of broth and fresh (homegrown...may I add) garlic...
A side of potatoes (that I grew) baked with a touch of local butter and backyard herbs...
Carrots and beets (that both grew in our garden,) glazed with a touch of local honey...
Each item cared for by either me or someone I have met in person...
Something is so right about it.


  1. Oh my heck- that looks delicious!
    I can't tell you how crazy excited a complete local meal makes me. Dinner guests don't get it when my little one announces "and it's all local!". As if this is the best thing to ever happen. But it is. Isn't it?


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