Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today was a busy day...
We got up early and W. decided to start math at 7:00 this morning.  He loves apples and right now we are charting how many apple seeds in each apple half we eat.  He loves apples more than any other food right now.  I got him to pair his four apple halves (after carefully scooping and counting the seeds) with a "peanut butter spoon" a delicacy in our home...otherwise known as a big scoop of peanut butter on a spoon.  We must have gotten the weirdest bag of apples, for most halves have only 0-3 seeds.  
After that, we went out into the yard and mowed, and mowed, and then mowed some more.  I dumped all the grass that hadn't gone to seed onto the paths in the larger garden.  The grass that had gone to seed I put in the chicken run (TREATS! oh they get so happy.)  
Then to the showers and it was time for a quick lunch before taking W. to his therapies.  
While he was there, C. and I got some manure (10% off discount on top of a sale! score!)  We picked W. up and went back home.  
C. is taking a nap and W. and I just finished putting the manure on the garden.  
It needed a little more depth and I thought manure would be a good way to boost the fertility of the soil.  So now I have about 6 inches of compost and manure as well as peat on top of a layer of cardboard that acts as a weed barrier.  There the grass under it will decompose with help of our little wormy friends.  
While all this was happening, I found several cracked robin eggs.  W. investigated them.  Sadly, we also found a dead baby bird.  It looked like it hatched too early.  Yolk was everywhere.  The ants had already moved into the area and were carrying it off bit by bit. 
I love spring.  
So much life.  
It's hard to see the death that also comes this time of year. 
 I rather focus on the life.


  1. I love spring too for the same reason.... life!

  2. I love using apples for simple maths as well. He thinks he's just having fun with some fruit :-)


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