Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Henrietta's gone...

She's gone where the good eggs go...
About a week ago, we found her laying next to the laying boxes with a stiff leg.
We gave her some food and water and made her comfy.
The next day she was on the floor of the chicken shed, looking uncomfortable.
I made her a special little nest and gave her her own food and water dishes.
Within a few hours she looked better, she turned herself around and started preening her feathers.
Last night I noticed she was eating well and drinking.  
Things were looking up.
This morning, not so much...she was gone.
Bye Bye Henrietta...
I put her next to one of the new gardens and placed a flat stone on top to protect from predators.
But so is life in the big city.


  1. That is the part of farming that I have the hardest dealing with. I lost my Victoria the
    same way. I'm sorry you lost her.

  2. :( Sorry to hear about your girl xoxo


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