Thursday, June 9, 2011


Lots of things have been happening around here...
Potatoes are blossoming.
Spinach has bolted.

The chickens have been moved to their permanent scratching grounds after using them to kill grass and fertilize our new corn "field" (small patch about 10x15.)
This is where being tired comes from.  See I have little to no carpentry skills.  My husband is a wire cutter and saw pro.  Somehow we managed to cut windows in the chicken coop for better ventilation and then attach mesh over them so there are no escapees.  Then we built a little box with wire mesh to act as a tunnel from the coop we rebuilt to their wire dog cage.  Then I remucked their coop (why's nice sometimes to just start fresh.) 
We managed to fill the compost pit.  I am thinking about letting that decompose while I build a real compost bin and use that.  Our compost pit is beginning to not serve it's purpose as well as it used to. 

A sock has been almost finished (one of my year's goals.)
And June is just bursting out all over here.

We got a new camera after months of issues with the old one, but there is a distinct lack of pictures here due to the screen on our camera compatible computer (say that 10x fast) now won't turn on so no pictures now.
Sorry it took so long to post, but we've been working from after work to bed time for about a week to get everything finished before the blazing heat began.
So I am about to go learn how to use the new camera and then maybe try to fix the old screen...wish me luck.

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  1. What would we do without our men? I'd probably have everything put together with duck tape! Too bad about the camera. I never heard of such a thing!


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