Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My boy is not the only one who is growing up.  It is amazing how they grow.  One day they are tiny red screaming lumps, and the next they turn into little people, full of their own ideas and having adventures of their own.  My dear little C. has decided that W. will not be the only reading child in the house.  

We've been looking at letters for a while.  She loves putting together alphabet puzzles.  At this point, I think it is time to move on.  Last Friday we were at homeschool group, where they have a "mall" a.k.a. a long table filled with items people want to get rid of with money boxes and where the money is being donated to usually.  Last Friday we got...

A world wall map (a little old, but it will serve it's purpose at this point.)
A CD-ROM for history
A Clifford teacher's book
A story book
Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.
All for $5.00
Where else can you get that for $5.00 and give to a good cause.

I had plans for the last book.  C. has been showing interest in reading books.  She's picking them up and pretending to read out loud using the pictures as a guide.  She does a pretty great job and I love hearing her babble on about how the stories relate to her current life status ("The princess was looking for kitty cats, but the mommy said 'NOOOOO tackling the cat.'")
Siegfried Engelman...
or Buy New $12.49

Today we had our first lesson.  She started insisting on helping point to the sounds.  She is even working on the phonemic and phonological awareness sections.  

The book recommends the program for three and a half year olds and older.  She just turned three, but she is loving it.  She loves anything that big kids do.  She is such an early riser that we have about 2 hours in the morning just for "us girlies" so I am planning on doing a lesson in the morning (it just takes 15 minutes or so) and then another lesson in the evening.  So maybe in two months I'll have an emergent reader...who knows.  I remember my grandmother teaching me to read when I was little.  I felt so special during our reading lessons because it was just the two of us.
I love getting our "girlie time"  with my little C.


  1. I used Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons for all five of my children...I love the book. I love how you get girlie time with your daughter, that is so sweet.
    PS. The pancakes were great. Thanks.

  2. We have both the word puzzle up there and the "lessons" book. Really enjoy using them both. I love that idea of the "mall". Very cool!

  3. I love the idea of a homeschool swap. I might have to organize one. I love little girls, they are always so eager to learn in the early years.

  4. Our coop has the "mall" on a weekly basis, you have to sign up ahead of time to get space, and then at the last session, they have a sale for used curriculum so you can get rid of and stock up for the next year.

  5. I think that one on one time with a parent or grandparent is really special as a child. I'm sure she will look back on it with wonderful memories.
    I love this age too.


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