Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to the family baby boy...

My husband's school is in the middle of nowhere. 
 From the parking lot, you can see horses, woods, and fields. 
 Last November, the cat who wanders around the facilities, had a littler of kittens.  
Over the last two and a half months, he has watched them playing and learning to be big cats one day.  
On Friday, the little orange kitten was motherless.  
The little orange cat followed the students to and from lunch...he wandered amongst the preschoolers...he was hungry, cold, and alone.  
He was not meant to be a "barn cat."  
My husband scooped him up and fed him some lunch leftovers.  
For the rest of the day, the kitten stayed in his office until it was time to go to his new home.  
On the ride home, the little kitten sat on his neck.  
This is where I got a phone call.  
It also was a big day at our house because we went to our first day of home school group.  
That dear hubby asked me if they were good all day and don't you know it, they had an excellent day.  
He told me that he was bringing someone home with him and I may not be too happy about it
 (I started thinking he was bringing his boss over for dinner...) 
He told me about his day.  
Then I put him on speaker phone.  
He told the children
 "Since you were so good, I'm brining home a present for you..."  
They wanted clues.  
"It's a big surprise that comes in a small package...and it's orange."  
There were several guesses... Popsicles, oranges, pumpkins... 
(do you see a theme here...maybe it was getting close to dinner time.)  
So when he came in the door with a meowing coat on, they were very excited.  
We ended up naming him Pumpkin...for the little orange surprise that he is.  
Welcome to the family little baby boy.


  1. what a cutie! And how observant of your husband! I think my husband might have honestly been clueless that a kitten had ended up motherless. How sweet!

  2. Great story! I bet the kids are SO excited! I see more Kitty posts in the future!

  3. How cute, and wonderful of your Husband to bring him home.

  4. What a cutie...The orange cats always seem to have a unique personality

  5. Hi City Sister! I would say I am the City Sister of our own sister duo.

    Welcome to Pumpkin! He sounds very special and my special rescue has been with me for 11 years now and Naomi kitty is such a precious part of my life. I know Pumpkin will be the same for your family. Enjoy!

  6. What a sweet story! And how precious is Pumpkin. I bet he's going to love it there, with kids loving on him all the time.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! So happy that you won the giveaway at SouleMama; that is an awesome prize.

  7. Aw, so cute! Good for your DH to bring him home! Love that he's a ginger.

  8. Oh how sweet! Good on you Dad.

  9. What a sweet little kittie. So nice of you to give him a home.


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