Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The story of "The Three Little Eggs."

The first eggs of the new year came in a set of 3.
The first little egg froze between laying and when I checked...it was crushed by a hen and froze in the nest.
(It looked like a fried egg over easy.)
The second little egg exploded upon being brought in from the cold into a warm house.
(While still retaining it's egg shape.)
The third little egg was a strong little egg.  Soon after this picture was taken it became food.
(Oh, how wonderful it tasted after a month of store bought eggs.)

My girls are laying again.  
We chose not to "force" eggs this winter due to many factors.
The main reason is that our hen house hasn't any electricity.
Another is that it's a hassle to go out and turn on and off the lights at appropriate times.
I also feel it is more humane...it's letting the chickens have a rest during that stressful cold and dark time of year.
In all we had about a month with no eggs.
I was amazed, I only bought 2 dozen during the month.
When they are laying well, I usually go through 1-2 dozen a week.
But when without, or when the laying is occasional like it has been these last few days, we are so careful with them.  
We don't bake as much.  
No scrambled eggs for breakfast.
No waffles.


  1. I'm sure that the first egg was absolutely delicious!! I really wish that we had room for chickens here...I will just admire other peoples chickens :)

  2. We don't force our hens either. . .they work so hard all year! Congrats on the first egg!

  3. Yeah for the 3rd egg It is so pretty:)

  4. I have found that I do the samething with my eggs: When the hens aren't laying as much I hoard what I do have and when we have plenty, I bake-a lot. It is so much fun collecting eggs isn't it?

  5. I am hoping to get some chickens this spring for the first time. Any advice for a newbie?

  6. My advice would be to research and start small. I would recommend red stars or black stars due to their being docile, reliable and sex linked for color (guaranteed to be hens!)


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