Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stop...Drop...and Roll

One requirement in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's homeschooling laws is that you must teach fire safety. This morning, W. decided to don his hat, and pretend to be a fire fighter.  
I love opportunities like this one.  
We talked about stop, drop, and roll.
Don't forget to cover your face.
W. has some experience with this method (not actual hands on, but more of a theoretical knowledge luckily) so he taught C. about it.  
Then W. started coming up with crazy scenarios...
"C...a dragon is attacking you and your hair is on fire...what do you do...stop, drop, and roll while I fight the dragon and put out the fire."

Apparently, fire fighters have a side job of dragon slaying.


  1. I am guessing they have a genetic predisposition to stop drop and roll anyway...and perhaps they had some coaching already at the grandparents??

  2. OK--I just read that again in W's voice...I am laughing out loud...that is so funny.

  3. Stop Drop and Roll, I have a song in my head from a disc I used to have about fire safety. Great skill to have, and it is a requirement here too.

  4. There you go! I never knew about the dragons. I'll have to tell my boys, they are always up for a bit dragon slaying.


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