Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The forest for the trees...

Yesterday as I lay on the floor after battling some flu-ish sickness and the laundry at the same time I breathed deep and tried to restore. 

I lay there thinking about something that City Husband once said during one of his first visits to our place.  He was standing in the kitchen and he remarked how one of his favorite things was that the view out of every window was just trees...thats all you see is trees.  Its true.  But for the several years I had lived here I had thought very little about that.  So consumed with house building and farming and child caring and whatnot...I had certainly fallen in love with our land...but had never really looked at it through that viewfinder.   And so I am thankful for my brother in law whose wonderful perspective, undoubtedly shaped by his city-view childhood, has provided me with a new and rejuvinating perspective on my space.

I am thankful for those moments.  The ones when you see the same situation, the same view, through another lens, another angle or a shifted perspective.  Sometimes it is easy to find, and sometimes it takes the eyes of another person or being splayed out on the floor to get us there. 

Try it today!  Squint your eyes, breathe deep.  Turn your head and then look again.  Be flexible where you are normally rigid.  Smile when you normally don't.  Lay down on the floor and admit defeat and see what victories come your way. 

(and when my camera stops acting up I'll share my view with you....)

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  1. Great post country sister. It is always nice to see your own life/living space through someone elses eyes.


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