Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Goals...Or...I like me just the way I am

Here it comes...the "new year how can I improve me" entry.
  I have some things I'd like to accomplish this year. 
Yes, like many I see a new year as a blank slate (as Anne Shirley would say "with no mistakes in it...yet.") But at the same time I feel a little silly.
 I am who I am.
  No more, no less.  
I know I will never be a size 4, be graceful (my grandmother used to call me "crash, bang, boom" for a very good reason) or have the perfectly clean home with the perfectly mannered and behaved children.  I may never have a larder filled with the fruit of my summer labor, grown, harvested, and preserved perfectly and the time to accomplish all of this and more. 
After all, I am quite comfortable being just quirky old me. 
As 30 draws ever nearer, I realize I have been perfecting the art of being me.
I am a piece of art.
Yes, I am an oddball.
I like doing some very odd things for where I am. 
Nobody I know here knits, keeps chickens, or cans things.
Some keep gardens...I know a few that home school.  

At the same time, I see room for learning.
Ah life, that never ending classroom.
Instead of making resolutions, I'd like to improve my knowledge of things.
To expand my horizons.
To become an even better version of me.
Citysister 2.0

Weigh everything we grow.
(Just to know...price it out...maybe I'll make a tally and let you in on it.)
Expand the garden so that it can support most of our veggie needs for the year.
(Yummy and delicious and very nutritious.)
Work on learning how to garden around the year.
(Cold frame, here I come.)
Can, Freeze, make pickles.
(Expand upon what I already do.)

Home life
Learn how to bake with alternative sugars (aka honey and agave syrup)
(In hopes that someday we have bees when we have more land.)
Improve my organizational skills
(As I can be really unorganized...but that's a secret.)
Minimize the clutter
(again with the organization...I can't even organize my thoughts here.)
Have a yard sale
(To get rid of all that aforementioned clutter.)
Knit a sweater and a pair of socks...oh how I wish for the perfectly hideous stripy long socks.
(The husband wishes for a cardigan with leather elbow patches.)

Expand my homeschooling network
(I am having a hard time finding like minded people around here.)
Further improve my organization.
(Again with the organization.)
Be the perfect mom 

Overall, I am very thankful for the last year.  We set aside some worries and have begun to really realize what is important in life.
I have had this lovely chance to reconnect with my sister as well.  
As well as with those people that read this.  
Thanks for coming by and visiting with us.


  1. I like your outlook on being you. For some people it takes a life time to accept themselves. Way to go!!

  2. twice i've tried to raise chickens and my dogs have somehow managed to break in and kill them so I've given up :-(

  3. I like where you are coming from. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving that note. It was nice to hear we are right where we are supposed to be.

  4. Thanks for the note on my blog, it was nice to see a new face!

    I love the word puzzle, could you tell me where you got it?


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