Monday, December 31, 2012

Handwritten apology

During our rough patch a few weeks ago, #1 and I had a few tough mornings behavior-wise.  We have been arguing over routines, arguing over bedtimes, arguing over responsibilities... just arguing all around.  These arguments usually resulted in full blown tantrums.  Kicking feet, thrashing hands, screaming... and #1 was pretty bad too.  Ha ha... I'm just kidding.  Like I said, a rough patch!  It must have been her sensing the holiday tension, which is surprising because I really try hard to tone it down now that the little ones are so perceptive!  Happy memories are the most important, not perfect ones.  Anyhow...

She is really working on her communication skills.  We are trying to train her to talk to us if she is having problems instead of "freaking out" over them.  The moment the yelling and tantrum starts, J and I check out (or at least we try to) and won't return until she wants to talk in a calm manner. 

Anyhow, we had a really big argument over the hair brushing responsibility a few weeks ago.  #1 refused to brush her hair, so I did.  I should have just let her go to school with bed head, but I had my bull head on that day and wouldn't let it go.  If she didn't want me to, she should have.  Her hair eventually got brushed, but she cried the entire morning until she got on the bus.  Fun times!  She must have been thinking about it all day because she came home with this note:
It says: "I love you Mommy.  I know I wasn't nice this morning.  I still love you." 

Her first apology.  An unprovoked apology.  This is one for the special box. 

When we send our little ones to school, we let go of a lot.  Going from knowing what they do every day to not knowing what they do for an entire day (relatively speaking) is very hard.  Parents don't get report cards.  Where are we excelling?  Where are we slacking?  What do our children need help with most and where should we focus our attention?  Most of the time we have no clue, but when your child comes home with a note like this, it proves that we are doing something right.  These moments are worth all the battles!

XOXO - I love you little one! 

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