Friday, December 14, 2012

Ginger Cherry warmer

This morning it was 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
A faint breeze was blowing when I went to the coop to do the morning chores (with a steaming jug of water for the chickens.) I was thankful for their sturdy shed that broke that gentle breeze...when it's cold, even that faint gentle breeze was not making for a pleasant experience.  I am trying to forget for now that soon it will be snowy and cold and blustery.     
Soon after getting into the coop, it felt a bit better.  I went about my chores.  The girls seemed to like the warm water, and my broody hen jumped into my arms for a little snuggle time.  She sure is a silly one, insisting that she could be a good mommy despite the cold.  She also prefers to spend a little time each day getting a quick drink, snack and snuggle before it is time to go sit in her empty nesting box (since I took the eggs she gathered to brood.)
When I got in to the warm house, I realized how cold I was.  I longed for a third cup of coffee, but since I was already way past my caffeine max for the day, I thought maybe some tea.  And then I had another thought.  I had recently purchased some cherry juice (a natural anti inflammatory) for the family as it is winter and joints and bellies get icky this time of year.  I also had about a pound of ginger in the fridge again for its belly help.  What if I made something out of them that would warm me up and get me going?  I started thinking I'd also like it a little sweet...what's better than honey?  

Ginger Cherry Warmer
2 cups of water
1 inch of ginger root peeled and roughly chopped
honey (to taste)
Tart cherry juice (to taste)

In a small pot bring water to a boil.  Reduce heat and add ginger.  Simmer for about 5 minutes.  Strain the ginger water into a jar/mug and add honey.  Stir until the honey is incorporated.  Add a touch of cherry juice until it tastes just right for you and enjoy.

What keeps you warm on a blustery day?

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