Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Morning

We are...
Boiling chicken bones from last night's dinner as well as the ones in the freezer.

 (I wait until I have roasted several chickens and then boil away for broth.)

Dreaming about the garden... 

I already have most of my seeds for next year from seed saving, but I am still planning 
what I still need to get as well as what else we may want to grow. 

(YUM! chocolate chunk...and crumbled over yogurt is divine...)

I love the earmuffs with the outfit...she says it's to pretend it's a snowflake dance...
Like in the Nutcracker...

And fencing footwork...

(yes, Pumpkin makes a great fencing partner...when swords are not involved.)
We are still getting ready for C. to take ballet lessons, but we finally set up W's fencing lessons.
Last night we went to his first lesson, an introduction to fencing.
One of the members of the club showed him the evolution of the sword and the history and reasoning behind each of the different eras of swords.  
He also learned about why they wore white (they fought to first blood...most easily seen on white...) 
and got to watch a match between the champion fencer for the state and the second in the state.  
Then he got a lesson in footwork.
They didn't have a foil (fencing sword) in his size so they let him use a practice foil from 1890.
"I get to hold a piece of history!"
He got to aim and push on the teacher's mit.
(If they used real sharp points instead of electronic points,
 the pressure needed to trigger a point would sink in about an inch.)
His silly grin let me know he was having a grand old time.
After all, what little boy wouldn't be thrilled to sword fight!

"What is a boy? A whirling noise with dirt on it."


  1. Fencing.. what a great activity. I love the intrigue of a historical joust.

  2. Hello Sisters,

    Looks like you are having lots of fun!

    To add to the excitement let me just tell you that I have chosen YOU as recipients of the LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD for your fine writing about timely topics and great sense(s) of humor!

    Stop by my blog, "Preserving the Harvest," to see what it's all about:

    Congratulations, and have fun!!


  3. Spring is almost here! I, too, have been longingly looking at my garden spot.


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