Friday, September 16, 2011

Scrumptious Saturday...Slow food (early so you can join in too...)

take the 5 dollar challenge

Basically, they're asking that you create a meal for less than $5/person made from local foods.
The $5 comes from the average cost of a fast food meal.
Dude...if I spent $5/person for a meal that would be $20/night. Multiply that by 30-31 days a month and your food budget for the month for dinner alone would be $600-$620 a month!  
We'd still need to make breakfasts and lunches.
We eat locally most of the time because it is just that, cheaper.  
Yes we do buy almond milk/almonds which don't grow around here too well, and for that matter chocolate doesn't grow locally, but it is not much of a challenge for us to do.  
So for this Scrumptious Saturday I will be preparing a local meal for much less than $5 per person.
So here it goes a menu and cost breakdown

Steak (2.50/lb locally grown from when we bought a quarter of a cow.) Herb rub from our garden
Potatoes (grown in the yard) butter (local dairy $3.50/lb...we are using maybe 20 cents worth.) Herbs from garden
Braised kale and Swiss chard (about 1 slice of bacon 31 cents from a local meat farm, grew the chard, kale from farmer's market $2.00/bag)
So for a dinner for four using only local ingredients we spent about $5.01
Even if I took into account the cost of purchasing seeds for the items I grew, it wouldn't be over $6 for the whole dinner.

Nothing special...just a typical dinner for us.  
By the way, I'm posting this Scrumptious Saturday early so that you can maybe think about doing this challenge yourself.  
If so, let us know about it!

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