Saturday, July 9, 2011

What is the world coming to...

Did you catch this one...
a family had to get their sewer line fixed.  
Instead of replanting their front lawn with grass like any sensible suburbanite...
they dared to grow....
and now are facing up to 93 days in jail for fresh home grown veggies.  
Yikes...what is this world coming to.  
She blogs here.
Take a look...
Personally, I'm quite thankful for normal neighbors who love the eggs and veggies that come their way.
And for a town that is reasonable and has lots of common sense.
What do you think of this?


  1. You know I saw this on Drudge but couldn't pull the article up for some reason. Thanks for the reminder and link.

  2. That's where I found it too...The funny thing is right before, my husband and I were discussing front yard usage and contemplating similar actions...tomatoes are already out there.

  3. That is just totally crazy. Maybe the town is funded by a GMO company:) He, he. Hope they prevail.


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